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Communication with other BG Consortium members

There are several options for communication with the other BG Consortium members. The Consortium hosts a few mailing lists and is now providing forums. Below is a description of each mailing list and our initial set of forums. New forums can be created - see the New Here? forum.


Mailing Lists

[to subscribe, click on the link and fill out a request]

List Description
admins-wg Mailing list for Blue Gene system administrators
Bgq-driver-src Blue Gene/Q driver source info
Members The members mailing list for the BG Consortium. To subscribe use the "Join the BG Consortium" form on this web site.



[to request access to the Forums, go to and register]

Forum Description
Applications Conversations about libraries, user tools, science applications, and everything of interest to users and those supporting the users of IBM Blue Gene systems.
System Administration Conversations about system adminstration and management of IBM Blue Gene systems. If you are interested in sharing war stories, and sharing tools and tips to make managing the systems easier, this is the place for you.
New Here? Go here to create a new forum.