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About us

Highly-Scalable, High-Performance Computing

The international Blue Gene Consortium is a group of government laboratories, universities and industrial organizations interested in the evaluation and use of the IBM Blue Gene family of high-performance computers.

The Blue Gene Consortium members foster the rapid adoption of the Blue Gene System for applications and understanding the capabilities of the platform to achieve breakthrough science. The community evaluates the hardware and software to understand how the system can support their science needs and to assist the vendor in understanding what future system could look like to meet their goals. In this way the community provides critical feedback to the architects and designers of the IBM Blue Gene family of follow-on systems.

The specific goals of the consortium are to:

  • Build a critical mass of interest in this new family of systems.
  • Establish mutually supportive reference accounts.
  • Develop scientific and technical applications targeted to the
    capabilities of the Blue Gene architecture.
  • Port existing tools and open source community codes to the Blue Gene platform.
  • Develop enhanced systems software and administration tools.
  • Provide feedback to IBM Blue Gene developers regarding functional requirements for next-generation systems.